The iPhone has a great feature in the camera for shooting panoramas, and as the iPhone evolves with it’s powerful chipsets it creates highly detailed, dynamically exposed images that are just amazing. I currently use an iPhone 6s in my iPhoneography. I’ve been on the “S” cycle of iPhones since I first bought the 4s and can’t wait to see what the 7s will have to offer. I will be adding more photos from the 6s as I shoot them.


Snow in April behind Kettles Restaurant near Chatsworth, Ontario. iPhone 4s.
Indian Falls, which can flow much greater than pictured here, edited in Snapseed. iPhone 4s.
Indian River, taken from near the falls, looking down river, edited in Snapseed. iPhone 4s.
Bayshore Gardens, beside the Bayshore Community Centre, Owen Sound, Ontario. iPhone 4s.
The Sydenham River, south of Lincoln Park, edited in Snapseed. iPhone 4s.
Lake Huron Shoreline, in the south end of Port Elgin, Ontario. iPhone 4s.
A park area on 5th Avenue East atop the escarpment in Owen Sound, Ontario, edited in Snapseed. iPhone 5s.
The Cairn in Harrison Park commemorating the arrival of American slaves who travelled here by train in the 1830’s. iPhone 5s.
Some cloud formations east of my home town, edited in ProCamera. iPhone 6s.

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